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Here you can get Bing agency ad accounts for rent

We offer Bing agency ad accounts for rent in unlimited quantity with 5% on ad spend as a fee. So you can use our agency ad accounts for running your ads and promoting your products, avoiding any issues with bans, spending limits, or verifying your business manager. Reach out for more information.

5% from ad spend


About Service

  • What are Bing Agency Ad Accounts?

    Bing agency ad accounts are the ad accounts that hold the highest level of trust from Bing. These accounts come with credit limits, ensuring that you won't encounter any payment-related bans. If you've been running Bing ads, you're probably familiar with the frequent and sudden bans that can occur, even when your ads are completely legitimate. Trying to regain access and appeal these bans can be a frustrating process that often takes months to receive a response from Bing support. Sound familiar? Well, with agency ad accounts, you can enjoy dedicated support and receive specific feedback on what went wrong and how to resolve it. This level of personalized attention is typically reserved for clients who spend significant amounts on advertising, as Bing tends to prioritize them over others.

  • Why Do you need it?

    So, why exactly do you need Bing agency ad accounts? Consider this scenario: your Bing advertising ad accounts get blocked, and this is an all-too-common occurrence when you're trying to scale your advertising efforts. Your attempts to appeal these blocks often prove futile. Another issue you might face is spending limits. Bing imposes daily spending limits, which means you can't spend more than a certain amount per day, typically ranging from $50 to $250. Furthermore, the time it takes to review your ad copy can be quite lengthy, resulting in frustrating delays that hinder your campaign's progress.

  • Mistakes other affiliates make

    Some affiliates opt to rent Bing ad accounts from other individuals, but this approach can be risky. There's a chance that your budget could be stolen, and you may find yourself facing restricted access to the rented account. Is it worth taking that risk? Moreover, the daily spending limitations imposed by Bing can prevent your business from achieving optimal effectiveness and scalability. Instead of wasting time on futile activities like farming, collecting private Bing profiles, and searching for alternative payment providers, it's advisable to seek a better solution.

  • What’s the advantage?

    At Heavy Value, we've streamlined the process of obtaining Bing agency ad accounts to make it incredibly easy for you. We prioritize maintaining a strong reputation. First, we gather some basic information and have you sign an agreement. Once that's done, you'll need to wire the funds for your ad spend. Afterward, we can establish a credit limit. You'll then provide us with your Business Manager ID, and we'll share the advertising accounts with you. It's as simple as that. Furthermore, you'll have a dedicated manager assigned to your account from our team, ensuring fast response times and prompt handling of your requests, such as ad account top-ups, which can be processed within minutes.

How it works


Getting the request

Fill out the form and send us a request on what agency ad accounts you need.


Filling the form

Fill the form with basic company info so we can create a contract agreement - this is our obligation to deliver high-quality solutions, and refunds of your ad balance at any time.


Signing an agreement

Based on your provided info, we will sign an agreement. You can put amendments if you like.



While we are waiting for your prepayment, we will issue agency ad accounts for you, show you the Slack communication channel, and explain the whole process


Sharing ad accounts

After getting the payment, we will allocate funds accordingly, and share accounts with your BM/email. We can also deliver the whole setup for you along with FB profile, pages, and BMs


Ready to go

Now you're ready to launch your ads. And remember, you can request a refund of the available ad balance at any time.


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Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

Need Bing Invoice Accounts?

Get a quote, fill out the form, and get your agency invoicing Bing ad accounts.

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Cooperate With Us

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