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Here you can get Facebook agency ad accounts for rent

We are offering agency ad accounts for rent in unlimited quantity with 5% on ad spend as a fee. So you can use our agency ad accounts for running your ads, and promoting your products avoiding any issues with bans, spending limits, or verifying your business manager. Reach us out for more information

5% from ad spend

What are Facebook Agency Ad Accounts

Facebook agency ad accounts are simply the ad accounts with the most trust from Facebook; they have credit limits – so you won’t get any bans regarding payment methods. If you have been running Facebook ads, you know how often and quickly you can be banned even while running crystal white ads. You want to get it back and appeal – sorry, but Facebook support does not care, and the response will reach you in months. Sounds familiar? Oh yes! But with agency ad accounts, you can get dedicated support and a specific response to what was wrong and how to fix it. We got this gentle attitude from Facebook representatives – huge month;y spend. Yes, they treat one clicents better than others regarding the advertising spend.

Why Do you need it?

So why do you need it? Well, let’s see. Your Facebook advertising ad accounts got blocked, and it happens all the time when you’re ready to scale. And your efforts to appeal are nothing but useless. The spending limit is another issue – you just can’t spend more than $50-$250 a day due to daily spending limits. The ad copy review timing is something extraordinary, right? You can wait for days, and it’s not cool.

Mistakes other affiliates doing

Some affiliates just rent Facebook ad accounts from other people, and this is the point when you can be scammed. Your budget can be just stolen, and the access is restricted. Do you need to take that risk? The daily spend limitation will stop you from making your business effective and scalable. So all you are doing – wasting time on useless activities like farming, collecting private Facebook profiles, and looking for more payment method providers.

What’s the advantage?

Having Facebook agency ad accounts with us, you get a solid solution for your advertising campaigns. You can a better CPM pricing and a better audience reach in comparison with personal ad accounts. You can quickly scale your profitable advertising campaigns since you are not limited in daily spending. Get your campaigns approved within 1-2h; no need to wait for 24h as before. Got banned - yes, Facebook is one of a kind, but there’s nothing to worry about. We will provide a free replacement for you.

How does it Work?

Heavy Value made the delivery of Facebook agency ad accounts super easy. We care about reputation. First, we’re collecting some basic information, signing an agreement, and then you need to send a wire for your ad spend. Later, the credit limit is possible. Then you need to provide your Business Manager ID, and we will share advertising accounts for you. Yes, that is easy. You will get a dedicated manager from our side who can respond fast and proceed with your requests like ad account top-ups within minutes.

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