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Here you can get Google agency ad accounts for rent

We are offering agency ad accounts for rent in unlimited quantity with 5% on ad spend as a fee. So you can use our agency ad accounts for running your ads, and promoting your products avoiding any issues with bans, spending limits, or verifying your business manager. Reach us out for more information.

5% from ad spend

What is the Google Ads

Google Ads, also known as Adwords, is one of the most powerful traffic sources and still covers most web users no matter what your target GEO is. Google Ads also has one of the highest costs per click but at the same time one the best traffic quality. With Google Ads, you can reach your most interested potential customers using selected keywords. They will look for the same product you promote, and Google Ads will match you. All you need to do is to optimize your bid to stay on top but at the same time make a profit. More advanced features have been added to AdWords over time, including Dynamic Search Ads, which automatically customize your ads based on the content of your website without requiring you to maintain a keyword list, YouTube video ads, and Universal App Campaigns, which are particularly useful for mobile marketers.

GDN covers 80% of internet users, even though display advertisements are somewhat out of style among marketers who point to the much higher CTRs of native advertising. As a result, it is still a practical approach to gain exposure, especially for awareness campaigns as opposed to more aggressive lead gen objectives. It depends on your target market and the keywords you employ. Even if AdWords is working out well for you, you should think about using GDN as well. Check out this helpful flowchart if you're unsure.

Pro tip: Bing, a rival search engine to Google, offers Bing Ads, which function similarly to Adwords but typically have lower auction fees and less competition. Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is one of the original sources of paid traffic marketing and continues to provide excellent exposure, despite having somewhat high CPCs (cost per click).

How I can get qualified?

You need to be ready to spend at least $5000 a month and promote only Google’s policy-compliant offers. 

How to start using a Google Agency ad account?

All you need to do is to sign an agreement with us and send Wire for your ad budget. Meanwhile, we will create new ad accounts for you. You don’t need to worry about any payment methods since we are using Google’s credit line. Same time it eliminates the risk of getting banned for suspicious activity with payment methods. You get your google agency ad accounts within 48h or less. 

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