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Twitter Ads Campaigns: A Quick Guide to Setup

This free eBook will teach you what makes a great Twitter advertisement.

Twitter is a fantastic marketing platform for generating leads and increasing visitors. Indeed, 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses; thus, it should be no surprise that these businesses experience real growth on this network.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to use Twitter for business or if you haven't done so already. You'll discover how to leverage Twitter ad campaigns to connect with the people you want to reach.

Have you already created an account on Twitter? If yes, you know how to use its free features, including following, tweeting, and editing your profile. But just as businesses must expand, so must your online presence.

Twitter advertising

You can advertise on Twitter to promote certain tweets or complete campaigns with predetermined goals. For example, businesses may provide audience targeting parameters for each ad campaign they build and select from eight distinct objectives, such as app installs, video views, and website conversions.

Consider combining your organic Twitter efforts with the paid promotion alternatives the site has provided to increase your audience and boost your following base. It's simple to get your tweets in front of audiences who don't already follow you on Twitter with Twitter Ads, which is very helpful for creating new leads for your company.

Twitter advertising can be successful even on a modest budget, so you don't necessarily need to spend a fortune on them.

Get the free kit immediately to learn how to use Twitter for business.How do you begin, then? First, let's go over how to put up a Twitter ad in its simplest form and choose the ideal campaign structure.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

1. Choose between "Twitter Ads" and "Promote Mode."

To begin, go to this menu screen. When setting up your Twitter advertisements, you must first decide whether you want to advertise certain tweets or a whole campaign for a given goal.

Twitter Ads vs. Promoted TweetsYou may have your tweets show up in certain people's Twitter streams or search results with promoted tweets. Running Twitter Ads is a more comprehensive campaign that uses various groups of tweets to achieve one main objective for your brand. Twitter Ads can show your username in locations other than a user's newsfeed, such as the "Whom to Follow" section on the right of their Twitter home page, depending on your goal.

Continue reading this list of actions to learn more about promoted tweets.

Where should I start?
Promoted tweets may be the answer if all you want to do is increase the number of people who see a particular website. You pay a monthly price for as long as you're marketing a tweet. It's ideal for increasing targeted visibility on (and producing leads from) a certain area of your organization.

Twitter Ads provide a little more punch if you're trying to increase your audience and/or follower base. You can learn how to control it by following the steps below.

2. Pick a goal for your Twitter advertisement.

You may find information on how to set up promoted tweets in the section towards the end of this blog post. But before you can start a Twitter Ad campaign, you must choose an aim. You can select one of eight objectives, and after you select one, you can read more about it on the Twitter Ads page linked in Step 1 of this post.

● Installations of apps● Followers● Tweet interactions● Views of promoted videos● Clicks or conversions on a website● Reengagements on apps● Views of in-stream videos (pre-roll)● Awareness● Enhanced Accounts

Ad campaigns with a follower-centric focus, the second goal listed above, are also referred to as "Promoted Accounts." With this kind of campaign, you can advertise your profile rather than a string of tweets in the newsfeeds of your target audience and on the profile pages of the other accounts they follow.

3. Give your advertising campaign some details.
After selecting an aim, you will be directed to a page where you can give your campaign a name, set its start and end dates, and determine its overall budget. Depending on the goal you selected in Step 2, you might need to fill out additional specifics for your advertisement. This stage will require you to link your app to Twitter and then choose this app from the dropdown list below, for example, if your goal is to increase app installs.


You'll choose a daily budget and an optional total budget when deciding how much money to put into a Twitter Ads campaign. Your daily budget will make periodic payments to Twitter at the precise cadence you choose throughout the day.

You can choose between two different cadences for your promoted content: "Standard (recommended)," which displays advertising to your target audience at intervals Twitter considers to be most effective, and "Accelerated," which displays as many of your ads as possible throughout the day. Accelerated ads are designed for advertising campaigns you want to succeed in quickly.

4. Establish an ad group as part of your campaign.

On the left side of your Twitter Ads page, there should be at least one pre-created ad group you may use for your campaign. As seen above, new ad groups will emerge in the framework of your ad campaign when you choose "Copy ad group" to the right of your current ad group.

Ad groups are sets of individual advertisements that function as a unit inside a larger campaign but have their budgets, target audiences, and start and finish times.

For instance, if you have a $100 budget and a two-week Twitter Ads campaign with the goal of generating website clicks, you may also make one or more ad groups that each last just a few days long and advertise various web pages of your website, and target various Twitter user categories. In the next steps, you'll learn how to set these parameters.

Enter the name of the ad group, its start and end times, budget, and bid type in the "Details" tab, as seen above. Then, you can "bid" on a promoted ad placement using different bid kinds. You can arrange for your ad group to bid for placement in one of three methods. Your price will depend on your audience and where the advertisement shows on Twitter.

Automatic bid: With this form of bid, Twitter can charge you the least expensive sum each time a user interacts with your advertisement material. The price Twitter charges you depends on your ad group's spending limit and target demographic.
Maximum bid: With this form of bid, you have complete control over the amount of money you're willing to spend each time a user interacts with your advertisement.
With a target bid, you may tell Twitter how much money from your ad group's budget to charge you each time an audience member interacts with your advertising material. The amount you are charged will be based on your audience's daily average price per ad placement.

5. For every ad group, decide whom you want to reach.
Set the criteria for your target audience here by selecting "Targeting" from the dropdown menu under the "Details" tab of your ad group.

Automatic bid: With this form of bid, Twitter can charge you the least expensive sum each time a user interacts with your advertisement material. The price Twitter charges you depends on your ad group's spending limit and target demographic.
Maximum bid: With this form of bid, you have complete control over the amount of money you're willing to spend each time a user interacts with your advertisement.
With a target bid, you may tell Twitter how much money from your ad group's budget to charge you each time an audience member interacts with your advertising material. The amount you are charged will be based on your audience's daily average price per ad placement.

5. For every ad group, decide whom you want to reach.
Set the criteria for your target audience here by selecting "Targeting" from the dropdown menu under the "Details" tab of your ad group.

To ensure a solid fit between your business and your message, it's critical to tailor your audience. In this approach, you may only pay for interactions with people who might be interested in downloading your content or finding out more information about your company's goods or services. You are more likely to produce qualified leads if your audience is more narrowly focused.

What choices do I have?

You can tailor the following parameters to choose an audience for each ad group you create:

Gender: You should use the gender targeting feature if your product or service primarily appeals to either men or women.
Age: Determining an age range is useful for advertisements that promote events or goods with certain age restrictions or interest groups.
Place: If you operate a local business or if you sell primarily to particular regions (whether that's your city or North America), you'll want to target by location.
Suppose an ad is targeting a part of the world where a language other than English is spoken. In that case, this criterion may need to be used in conjunction with the location filter, which was previously discussed.

Device: This is a terrific targeting choice if your product or service is more suited to consumers who are constantly on the go or if you want to increase the likelihood that website visitors will take advantage of your offer when they are at work.
Keywords, movies and television series, conversational themes, upcoming events, and connected interests are examples of audience features.
You can also decide which combinations of desktop and different mobile devices you want your promoted tweets to appear on.

Using keywords to target
You can target users who search for, tweet about, or interact with particular terms by using the "keywords" targeting option in the "Audience features" section, which is described above. For instance, if I were marketing the HubSpot ebook How to Use Twitter for Business, I may narrow down my target using keywords like these:


twitter-keywords-audience-targetingSuppose you want to know exactly how many Twitter users are now utilizing a keyword. In that case, this audience targeting criterion is useful. The keyword "marketing" is used by 7.67 million people, as shown in the screenshot above. You might not otherwise be able to compare topics that seem similar but have varying levels of popularity without using this data.

Targeting based on Followers and Interests
You can make a list of Twitter usernames to target users with similar interests to those of those users' followers by using the targeting by interests and followers feature.

Making a short list of the key influencers in your sector is a wonderful application for this kind of targeting. For instance, I could want to advertise HubSpot's ebook on How to Use Twitter for Business to individuals who are interested in social media. I've managed to establish a sizable audience that's still focused on the subject of my content by targeting by interests and follows, which enables me to say, "Show these tweets to people who are like so-and-followers." so's

A list of interest categories can also be added using this targeting option. Again, this generates a wide audience focused on the subject of the information or products you're promoting. For instance, I may say, "display these tweets to anyone interested in marketing, social media, or lead generation."

6. Choose which creatives you want to use for each ad group.
Choosing the creatives you want to run with each ad group that make up your campaign is the last step in constructing a Twitter Ads campaign. Simply put, "Creatives" are the tweets you wish to advertise, and you may choose them from the list of tweets that appears under the Creatives page for each ad group. To begin, choose the Targeting page and the "Creatives" tab.

The enjoyable part is now. You have the option to create new tweets or choose from ones you already have in your account.

Click the blue quill button in the upper-right corner of your Creatives tab to start writing a new tweet. If you only want your tweet to be promoted through your Twitter Ads campaign and not show up naturally on your followers' newsfeeds, you can click the "Promoted-only" box when creating a new tweet. View this selection's appearance below.


You can choose to have your tweets displayed on people's profiles and the detail pages of particular Twitter conversations, in addition to having them promoted on the timelines of your audiences. This sort of targeting has the advantage of assisting you in defining a more qualified audience because the target market is actively searching for or interacting with the particular keywords that are pertinent to your offer. As illustrated below, this option is located on the right side of the Creatives tab.


7. Examine and start your campaign.
Finally, click the "Review your campaign" option as displayed above to review the details of your campaign. To run the campaign, click "Launch campaign" in the top-right corner of your screen if everything appears to be in order.

How to Get a Tweet Promoted

How to Get a Tweet ProBy promoting tweets, you can expose important pieces of content to a large audience and increase traffic to the landing sites that produce leads for your company. You have a lot more freedom with this Twitter Ads option in terms of the content you want potential buyers and viewers to see.

To help you understand how this advertisement varies from the one we talked you through in part above, here is a brief description of it:

Advertised Tweets
Twitter will display sponsored adverts in front of your target market based on their interests or geography through promoted tweets. You can choose the audience for each individual advertisement, and each one supports a single tweet. Businesses can only currently promote tweets in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

Here are some tips for tweet promotion:

1. Click "Get started" after choosing "Promote Mode" from the campaign menu.
The same menu screen will be your starting point when you create a whole, multi-tweet Twitter Ads campaign. When finished, click "Next" in the top-right corner of the page. Once there, click "Get started."

2. Choose the country and timezone for your promoted tweet.
You can only currently advertise tweets to audiences in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Choose one of these three options, along with your desired time zone, to begin crafting your advertisement. Click "Next" in the top-right corner of the page after you're finished.

3. Select "Location" or "Interests" as your targeting strategy.
Twitter may target an audience with tweets based on their location or interests. Depending on whatever technique you select, proceed to Step 4 or Step 5 below.

4. Pick up to five interests that belong to your target market.

If you select this option and press "Next," Twitter will direct you to the page you see above if you decide to target an audience based on their interests. You can choose up to five interests here that are relevant to your target audience.

Remember, the more interests you choose, the more different demographics your promoted tweet will reach.

5. Pick up to five areas where your target market is found.
If you prefer to promote tweets depending on an audience's location, pick this option, press "Next," and Twitter will direct you to the screen displayed above. Here, you can search for the city, state, and nation where you want your advertisement to run.

Up to five places can be chosen if you want your tweet to be promoted there. Remember that you can only display promoted tweets to users who are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Japan.

6. Once you've reviewed your ad criteria, click "Proceed."
When you click "Next" after customizing the interests or geography of your audience, Twitter will display an overview of your ad criteria, including your charge.

What is the price of a tweet promotion?
Since Twitter started providing this kind of marketing, the price to promote a tweet has fluctuated. Promoted tweets now have a monthly flat rate of $99, unlike Twitter Ads programs. There will be a separate monthly charge for each new tweet you promote.

Do you say it sounds good? After reviewing your ad criteria, check that you have read and agreed to the Twitter Promote Mode's Terms of Service at the bottom of this page. Then, in the top-right corner of your screen, click "Proceed."

7. Launch your promotional tweet after adding your billing details.
Twitter will prompt you to submit your billing information on the following screen if you haven't already. To formally promote your tweet, click "Save" and then follow the on-screen instructions.

You have it now! No matter what kind of Twitter ad you produce, monitor it carefully. At the same time, it runs and keep improving it for greater results in the future.

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