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E-comm vertical | Offer: Chefs Plate

E-comm vertical | Offer: Chefs Plate

Some of you guys have already chatted with me or had video calls, so you know I am very helpful and responsive if you ask the right questions. I am feeling great if my guides help other affiliates. Do not be afraid to test new things!

This article will be one of three and I am gonna reveal: offers, angles, actual creatives and strategies on how to maintain the volume and scale. 

Traffic Source: Facebook

Offer: Chefs Plate - $130 - CA

Highlights: EPC - $11,35

Revenue for 47 days - $242,190.00

Top Funnel:


It’s a subscription service that offers food kits. 

Angles I used:

Angle 1: AFFORDABILITY - Cook For Less, Starting As Low As $3.87 Per Meal.

Angle 2: CONVENIENCE - Skip Grocery Shopping and Get Dinner at your Doorstep.

Angle 3: EASE - Meal Planning Made Easy. You choose, We deliver, You cook.

I also used these offers & incentives putting them on creative and/or in texts: 

- Get 50% off your first two boxes 

- Free Shipping on your first box

My recommendation for targeting:

both Men and Women from big cities

Ages: 25-45 best performance, but 45-64 also works for me;


Desktop performs the best, but the traffic from Facebook is expensive, so you need to find your angle. Both iOS and Android perform the same. Do not target tablets - the CR is 1.5 lower than mobile.

I tried to run it with interests, but it didn't help so much. Let fb optimise your your traffic by goals - more details go further.

Creatives: winning ones - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xbth6u6px1mq7v/chefs%20plate%20top%20creatives.zip?dl=0


1) Use comparison ads with any restaurants or cultural dishes (e.g. Chinese food).People are highly sensitive to restaurants that are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic right now. We've also noticed that ads that compare ChefsPlate's offerings to cultural dishes receive an overwhelming amount of negative comments. Instead, you can focus your comparison ads on other meal delivery services like Uber Eats, Goodfood, Chef CookIt, andMissFresh.

2) Do not use any misleading ads like: Get your $4 meal. It’s not allowed and won’t bring you any good results.

3) Do not use any fake reviews. The advertiser does not allow it.

you will find more ‘don’t(s)’ inside the Carousel network. 


Check the offer - there's a list. 

How to run it with Facebook:

I am not an expert yet, but I used these basics I learnt from YouTube:1) run video ads to collect data needed for creating LAL (Lookalike Audience). What’s the budget and long? - It’s need to be enough to create LAL, fb will let you know2) use those LALs while running Conversion campaigns (Initiate Checkout pixel goal) and create Custom Audience using this users;

3) run retargeting campaign with custom audience to get them back and buy with ‘Retargeting angles, offering discounts and special offers;

4) run Conversions campaigns with Purchase pixel goal using LALs (1%-3%) of those who Initiated Checkout but didn’t buy;

5) run Conversions campaigns with Purchase pixel goal using LALs (1%-3%) of those who made a purchase

FB Account management and scaling:

I am not going to persuade you by telling how exactly fb’s AI works and why it bans our ad accounts while we run WH angles, I just think it still can’t define what’s good and what’s bad. I don’t think we need to struggle and dig into it - it’s a waste of time. My choice - uning agency accounts. These ad accounts are way more stronger, and have a higher trust since it was granted by Fb after verifying the agency. Yes, you can still have bans, but you can have as many ad accounts as you want and build a decent structure that helps you to keep running traffic w/o any issues. 

Let me know if you need such accounts.

My referral link (please sign up to the Carousel platform, as this is Jumbleberry’s DTC ecom division that manages Chefs Plate: https://partners.jumbleberry.com/signup/referral/PmedD8rf-7