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Agency Accounts Rentals


Facebook Agency

Get max trusted facebook ad accounts. This is the best solution to scale your spending and avoid issues with limits and bans.


TikTok Agency

Getting your ads rejected? Limited with GEOs? Rent agency TikTok ad accounts and scale your campaign spendings.


Snapchat Agency

Snapchat is not the most stable regarding bans, here is the solution. Snapchat agency ad accounts is a must-have for scaling your business.


Google Ads

Google DV360 is considered to be the most advanced traffic source due to its potential to optimization.

Most advertising platforms offer agency solutions for trusted partners. Sometimes it’s something visible like a Google partner badge if you spend more than $10,000. Sometimes, it’s something that looks the same as ordinary advertising accounts but has the maximum level of trust. Such agency ad accounts have maximum trust and can be unbanned super fast, have a better quality audience reach, and what’s most important, have no daily spend limit.

So why do you need ad account rental?

You can finally forget about checkpoint problems. No matter what the traffic source is, our agency ad accounts are super solid. So even if you get banned on profile level or Business Manager level, all you need to do is to move our ad accounts to the new BM. If the ad account was banned – you could simply request a new one from us within 24h - 48h. But in most cases, you get it reactivated. The success rate is about 88% since you promote policy-compliant verticals. Our ad accounts live long and spend a lot. We have several ad accounts with more than $500,000 spending during the last 12 months.

When choosing your Facebook ad accounts, Snapchat, or TikTok ad accounts provider, be careful since not all the sellers provide official solutions. Sometimes it’s just rented or farmed Business Managers or newly created Tiktok ad business centers. Our agency is an official partner of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Google. We have a credit line with each of these advertising platforms. What’s most important is we have a dedicated representative who can help us to resolve clients’ issues and pre-moderate campaigns and landing pages. In the case of rejected ad campaigns, we know for sure what is needed to be changed.

What is needed to get started?

All you need is to provide basic information about your company and sign an agreement with us so you can be sure your funds are safe. Then you need to send a bank transfer for your ad spend. After that, we will create ad accounts regarding the time zone and company’s info. We will allocate funds shortly after getting it on our side. So, as a result, you can get your ready-to-use agency ad accounts set up within 48h.

What are the criteria to work with us?

You need to have a minimum budget of $5000 a month and promote policy-compliant offers. That’s it.


We are always ready to help our clients. So even after complete setup, we can guide you, intro to the most respected affiliate networks, top offers to promote, and even angles for the most trusted partners. Later in a couple of months, we can provide a credit limit for some of our ad platforms.