How To Avoid Facebook and Tiktok bans

Today we gonna talk about Facebook and Tiktok bans. Those platforms got pretty similar ads policy. And of course, I am talking about promoting only policy-compliant products 

90% of all ban’s happening because you’re violating ads policy. Check if your landing page:

🧩 has a contact info;

🧩 has Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy;

🧩 has no pop-ups;

🧩 has no auto play widgets;

🧩Also, make sure your ads are not fooling your audience. You need to balance between clean ads and clickbait. 

🧩 make sure you’re using original content

🧩 make sure you are not using any copyright or branded logo/content

You can save a lot of time and achieve pretty decent results if you just read and follow fb/tt ads policy.