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How To Avoid Facebook and Tiktok bans

How To Avoid Facebook and Tiktok bans

Today we gonna talk about Facebook and Tiktok bans. Those platforms got pretty similar ads policy. And of course, I am talking about promoting only policy-compliant products 

90% of all ban’s happening because you’re violating ads policy. Check if your landing page:

🧩 has a contact info;

🧩 has Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy;

🧩 has no pop-ups;

🧩 has no auto play widgets;

🧩Also, make sure your ads are not fooling your audience. You need to balance between clean ads and clickbait. 

🧩 make sure you’re using original content

🧩 make sure you are not using any copyright or branded logo/content

You can save a lot of time and achieve pretty decent results if you just read and follow fb/tt ads policy.

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