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Search Arbitrage

Your starting point in Search Arbitrage. Get your Search Arbitrage vertical crushed with our ultimate tools. This is the way

Why Us

Dear partners and not-yet-partners affiliates, we spent a lot of time working in the Search Arbitrage vertical. We had so many achievements and fails on our way. We have our own software and angles we want to share with you. Our media buyers make hundreds of A/B tests to find the best keyworks.Our intentions are super basic and transparent – we want you to spend more with us, to make our margin on that.

New to Search Arbitrage?

If you came on this page because you just heard something Search Arbitrage – here some information on what returns you can expect from this conservative white vertical. If you’re experienced - just skip it to the next section.
Search Arbitrage is a mechanic when Google wants to attract more traffic to some keywords for banners located on Partners' sites. Google partners like Ads.com, Tonic, System1, and Domain Active provide a feed on custom domains, so affiliated traffic can generate some relevant clicks on those keywords. And the point is to make your Facebook click cost lower the network pays to you, the affiliate. Another nice thing – there are no limitations in caps or GEOs. The potential normal margin you can achieve is 25%, and the maximum on a scale is around 40%. But the thing is, we can help to scale is to $800,000/mo. This is a tricky vertical that requires a lot of experience and super clean traffic. The network's punishment will hurt like a bi***h, I can tell you. You will be banned, and your payout might be cut off totally. It’s hard to start regardless of payout – a couple of first payouts will be on net45. But later, you will be paid monthly.

Traffic Sources

Choose the traffic source to conquer. We help to define the specific approaches in work with various sources

Search Arbitrage - Facebook Ads

Facebook is the main traffic source for Search arbitrage in 2024, regardless of traffic quality and volumes. Facebook is ok with such angles, it can be 100% policy-compliant. For this traffic source, you will need to follow the specific way of managing your Facebook assets – Business Manager, Pages, Ad accounts. It also requires a specific strategy for structuring ad campaigns – by creating some minimum/maximum quantity of campaigns, ad sets, and daily budget. It really matters what your daily budget you start with and in what way you scale. Facebook Search arbitrage is nothing like you tried before, it requires a lot of experience and pitfalls to overcome to make it work. And we going to help you. 

Search Arbitrage - TikTok Ads

TikTok Search Arbitrage had a huge ROI back in 2022/2023, but unfortunately, it went down when affiliates ruined TikTok user’s experience with those ads. TikTok Search Arbitrage as a vertical has enormous potential in the future. Google is going to release a new search feed called RSOK. It’s a bit different from the classic feeds.

Search Arbitrage - Snapchat

This traffic source is extremely interesting and could be super profitable but we need to wait till mobile RSOK is available on the market

Search Arbitrage - Native

It’s considered the oldest and most conservative traffic source. You will hear more about the potential of popular ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and Bing (with Yahoo, MSN, and AOL onboard). The volumes could be insanely big while running search arbitrage. Ofcource it requires high expertise in creating static creatives. We’re here to back you up in that.

Search Arbitrage - Google

Our Google representatives are highly interested in Search Arbitrage ads. They find them white, policy-compliant and they want your huge budgets. We already have the most-detailed guides on what and how to run, step by step. It’s a full, complete, step-by-step strategy on how to launch Google Search arbitrage. Potentially, you could spend around $85,000/day without any issues. It’s super different from Facebook, where you need to have hundreds of ad campaigns to reach that scale.

Tools & Services

A-Z solutions for your success. Creatives, trackers, keyword-optimizers

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Where to start?

We can provide creatives, angles, keywords (mention software)Where to startThere's always the chance your journey will be a mess if you make mistakes. Working with Heavy Value - you will be guided on what feed provider to choose, what traffic source to use, what type of creatives work the best, and what strategy to choose to avoid financial risks. Our internal creative department is able to provide top-notch creatives, and our analytics can provide consultations on ad platform policy to avoid bans, pick up the best-converting keywords in various GEOs, and guide you on campaign structure strategy.

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    "We used to run nutra offers vertical. Search Arbitrage was a super new, unknown zone for us; it had no human resources, no expertise, and we got no networking needed to join Tonic. Heavy Value helped us with analytics, creatives, and even shared mediabuyers; we managed to reach $45,000 in spend within 5 months. I hope we will make even better results"

    Francis Peterson, Team Leader at ConversionCruiser LLC.

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Auto Ads Launcher

You can access to our tool that helps to launch hundreds of Facebook ad campaigns in a few clicks. It’s a killer feature that will benefit you a lot. It’s important to have a lot of ad campaigns with small budgets, and our tracker will help to define which of them worth to keep. Save on dozens of mediabuyers to manage your ad campaign launching on ease.

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    "We were those who tried the beta version. We managed to launch 400 ad campaigns on Facebook per ad account within 10 clicks. Oh, and we got 2 mediabuyers in our team"

    Patrick G, CEO at Click2Sale

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Hot, Fresh, High Converting Keywords

The key to success in Search Arbitrage is putting in the right keywords that may bring you the biggest protit. Most affiliates just pick up the highest-paid ones, but this is a mistake. We will help to find the balanced keywords that have high conversion rates balanced with decent payouts. We developed the keyword tracker tool that analyzes big data based on a $65 million monthly spend, that will be updated monthly. Our A/B in-house tests will brign you fresh keyword ideas so you could focus on scaling only.

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    "That shit keyword optimizer is crazy. We already know the potential of provided keywords, so we can be sure, we can scale our daily budget. It's all there - just grab the list of the hottest keywords in this or that GEO, and do your thing"

    Jake L, Mediabuyer at **** Co.

Case Studies

Stay tuned, join our Telegram to check detailed cases