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Here you can get GoogleAds agency ad accounts for rent

We are offering agency ad accounts for rent in unlimited quantity with 5% on ad spend as a fee. So you can use our agency ad accounts for running your ads, and promoting your products avoiding any issues with bans, spending limits, or verifying your business manager. Reach us out for more information.

5% from ad spend


About Service

  • What is the GoogleAds?

    GoogleAds, formerly known as Google Ads or Adwords, is a highly effective source of traffic that reaches a wide range of web users regardless of your target geographical location. Google DV360 offers excellent traffic quality, although it comes with a higher cost per click. By utilizing selected keywords, you can effectively reach your most interested potential customers. When users search for the product you promote, Google DV360 will match your ads to their search queries. To achieve optimal results, it's essential to optimize your bids to maintain a top position while ensuring profitability. Over time, Google DV360 has introduced advanced features such as Dynamic Search Ads, YouTube video ads, and Universal App Campaigns, which are particularly beneficial for mobile marketers. These features allow for greater customization and targeting capabilities.
    Google Display Network (GDN) reaches approximately 80% of internet users, even though display advertisements have somewhat fallen out of style compared to the higher click-through rates (CTRs) observed in native advertising. Nonetheless, GDN remains a practical approach to gain exposure, particularly for awareness campaigns rather than aggressive lead generation objectives. The choice of utilizing GDN depends on your target market and the keywords you employ. Even if Google DV360 is performing well for you, considering GDN can be advantageous. If you're uncertain, you can refer to this helpful flowchart.
    Pro tip: Google DV360, offered by Google (a rival search engine to Bing), operate similarly to Google Ads but typically have lower auction fees and more options for the optimisation. Despite having somewhat high cost per clicks (CPCs), Google DV360, remains an original and effective source of paid traffic marketing, providing excellent exposure.

  • How I can get qualified?

    To qualify, you need to be prepared to spend a minimum of $5000 per month and promote only offers that comply with Google's policies.

  • How to start using a GoogleAds ad account?

    So why do you need it? Well, let’s see. Your Facebook advertising ad accounts got blocked, and it happens all the time when you’re ready to scale. And your efforts to appeal are nothing but useless.

    The spending limit is another issue – you just can’t spend more than $50-$250 a day due to daily spending limits. The ad copy review timing is something extraordinary, right? You can wait for days, and it’s not cool.

How it works


Getting the request

Fill out the form and send us a request on what agency ad accounts you need.


Filling the form

Fill the form with basic company info so we can create a contract agreement - this is our obligation to deliver high-quality solutions, and refunds of your ad balance at any time.


Signing an agreement

Based on your provided info, we will sign an agreement. You can put amendments if you like.



While we are waiting for your prepayment, we will issue agency ad accounts for you, show you the Slack communication channel, and explain the whole process.


Sharing ad accounts

We will add your e-mail to our DV360 Campaign Manager and share the access to ad accounts.


Ready to go

Now you're ready to launch your ads. And remember, you can request a refund of the available ad balance anytime.


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Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

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Get GoogleAds Invoicing accounts by filling out the form.

Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

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