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TikTok Agency Ad Accounts For Rent 

We offer TikTok agency ad accounts for rent in unlimited quantity with 0% on ad spend as a fee. So you can use our agency ad accounts for running your ads, and promoting your products, avoiding any issues with bans, spending limits, or verifying your business manager. Reach out for more information. ONLY for WHITE HAT verticals and offers
How does it work
1) Fill out the form below;
2) send any amount as your ad spend budget. These funds will be used as a top-up for your ad accounts
3) provide an email and get your ad accounts shared

0% from ad spend


How it works


Getting the request

Fill out the form and send us a request on what agency ad accounts you need.


Filling the form

Fill the form with basic company info so we can create a contract agreement - this is our obligation to deliver high-quality solutions, and refunds of your ad balance at any time.


Signing an agreement

Based on your provided info, we will sign an agreement. You can put amendments if you like.



While we are waiting for your prepayment, we will issue agency ad accounts for you, show you the Slack communication channel, and explain the whole process.


Sharing ad accounts

After getting the payment, we will allocate funds accordingly, and share accounts with your email, adding you to our Business Center.


Ready to go

Now you're ready to launch your ads. And remember, you can request a refund of the available ad balance at any time.


Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

Interested In TikTok Accounts?

Fill the form below and get TikTok Agency Accounts.

Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

Cooperate With Us

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