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About Facebook and TikTok Creatives Production

About Facebook and TikTok Creatives Production

So those two are old but still valuable in a perspective of how to create videos for both fb&tiktok for leadgen verticals (telegram https://t.me/heavyvalue). Those vids were used for the vertical called Mortgage Refinance. The offer itself is not working due to changes in the US economy. 

But still, what do we see here:

The guy shows how much did he get after getting approved for so e program, bought groceries for 1-2 weeks. Looks awesome. He says you just need to apply. 

This is a classic clickbait, but it’s allowed by both aff network and fb/tiktok. 

This video is super simple, made by amateur that points that it was an honest feedback, it’s not an ad. This the most important while you’re making videos for leadgen.

I do recommend to use fiverr or backstage.com to order videos like this. The price is around 30-100$. 

IMPORTANT: always use original content, do not even touch someone else’s videos, it’s not gonna convert well for you.

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